We're back with another edition of VanCocoa on Feb 27, featuring HockeyApp's Benjamin Scholtysik from Seattle and Steamclock's Jeremy Chiang.

Doors at 6:30pm, with talks starting at 7pm. Due to security requirements at VFS we can't admit folks once the talks start, so doors close at 7pm.

  1. Jeremy Chiang, Steamclock - Bluejay: Reliable Bluetooth on iOS
  2. Benjamin Scholtysik, HockeyApp - Core-Value Observing
  3. Drinks afterwards as usual

Benjamin Scholtysik on Core-Value Observing: How is it that we talk about core values and rules for companies, our pull requests or our code a lot, but we don't talk about individual core values? Documentation is pretty scarce when you look up "core values for software developers," so let's talk about what they are and how to change them!

Jeremy Chiang on Bluejay: iOS’s Bluetooth APIs are powerful, but they neither scale well nor encourage maintainable codebases. As a result, it is very difficult to write reliable Bluetooth apps, and even more difficult to debug Bluetooth issues reported in the field. Last year we distilled our hard-won lessons learned building apps for medical devices and lighting applications into the Bluejay project, a library for building better and more reliable Bluetooth apps. Bluejay is open source and actively developed, and we’d love to show you how it works and what we’ve learned while building it.

The event is at the VFS animation campus across from Woodwards, located at 151 West Cordova Street, in Theatre 105.