Hi friends!

We got a great response to our recent survey about the future of VanCocoa, and based on that have made a couple changes:

  1. We ported to Meetup. This should make it easier for new folks in the community to find and promote the group.
  2. We've renamed the group to Vancouver Xcoders. We've long had a good relationship with Seattle Xcoders, and awareness of the "Cocoa" brand has been waning for years. We think this change will also mean a more diverse group of people will join us for future events.

Our first meetup as Xcoders is on May 9, and RSVPs are now open on Meetup.com. We'll cross-post the first couple of these on this old VanCocoa site before switching it over to archive mode.

Thanks so much for being a founding member of VanCocoa! I hope you join us in the next phase of the adventure, and help grow Vancouver's small but wonderful Apple developer community. ❤️