This month we will be joined by very special guest Gus Mueller, who will be joining us from Seattle. Gus is known in the Cocoa development community for building the wonderful image editor, Acorn. An expert in Core Image and Apple's entire image processing stack, Gus will be giving a talk on image processing in Cocoa, the various image processing frameworks Apple provides, and how to put them to use.

Our other speaker will be Nigel Brooke, who will be digging in to Swift. Nigel will be presenting some fascinating things that are now possible in Swift but were impossible in the ancient old days of Objective-C.

The event is at SFU Harbour Centre downtown, at 515 W Hastings St, Room 1800.

  1. Gus Mueller, Flying Meat - Pixels n' Stuff: Core Image, OpenCL, and image processing
  2. Nigel Brooke, Steamclock — Swift: Six impossible things before breakfast
  3. Drinks afterward