Fitbit's Arik Devens is our special guest this month, joining us from San Francisco. Arik will be sharing some key lessons he's learned working at Fitbit as a Senior Software Engineer, especially pertaining to the data store everybody hates to love, Core Data.

Our other speaker will be Allen Pike, co-founder of Steamclock Software. Allen will be giving his talk "Maximum Viable Products", which he has given in six cities in three countries, one last time for the home crowd. The talk is about small app developers' struggle to make a living crafting high-quality products.

The event is at SFU Harbour Centre downtown, at 515 W Hastings St, Room 1800.

  1. Arik Devens, Fitbit - iOS at Fitbit or How I learned to stop Worrying and Love (tolerate) Core Data
  2. Allen Pike, Steamclock — Maximum Viable Products
  3. Drinks afterward